NewsOpenAI's SORA: Changing the game with AI-generated films

OpenAI's SORA: Changing the game with AI‑generated films

OpenAI's SORA: Changing the game with AI-generated films
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12:44 PM EST, February 18, 2024

OpenAI, valued at around $80 billion in November, is certain to increase in capitalization even further. A few days ago, the developers of the renowned ChatGPT introduced us to SORA, an AI model capable of generating its own video recordings.

SORA: The artificial intelligence that creates films autonomously

SORA has the capability to generate completely new images and animations or edit existing ones. Here are ten fascinating creations by the artificial intelligence, along with the commands upon which they were based.

"Depict an ant moving inside an anthill"

"Show a close-up of a futuristic cybernetic German Shepherd flaunting its striking brown-black fur"

"Capture a macro photograph of a leaf showing tiny trains coursing through its veins"

"Present a sprawling panoramic view of a beautiful ocean, historic structures flanking the picturesque seaside town nestled on the cliffs, as the camera pulls back"

"Engage us with a photorealistic movie of a butterfly that can swim underwater, gliding through a vibrant coral reef"

"Illustrate a large duck walking the streets of Boston"

"Document a striped cat venturing into the forest"

"Provide a movie trailer about spaceships"

"Zoom in on a man in glasses"

"Convey 'California during the Gold Rush' in SORA's perspective"

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