TechOpenAI launches new search engine: A bold challenge to Google's reign

OpenAI launches new search engine: A bold challenge to Google's reign

OpenAI launches new search engine: A bold challenge to Google's reign
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9:48 AM EDT, May 12, 2024

A new challenger is poised to shake up the search engine market. OpenAI is set to launch a cutting-edge artificial intelligence-driven search engine next Monday, potentially posing a threat to Google's supremacy.
"Two people familiar with the matter" shared with Reuters that this new product is slated for release just one day before Google's annual I/O conference kicks off. This event, taking place on Tuesday, May 14th, is expected to showcase new AI models, including Gemini and Gemma. Reports from Bloomberg and The Information have previously mentioned that OpenAI's search engine will feature integration with the ChatGPT chatbot, offering both a citation function and collaboration with Bing.

Google braces for competition

In anticipation of this new competitor, Google is gearing up to defend its leading position in the market. Prabhakar Raghavan, head of Google's search department, has cautioned his team about the challenging times ahead. However, he also pointed out that despite introducing innovations, Google continues to be regarded as a reliable source of information, a critical factor in the AI era. The Verge reports suggest that OpenAI is actively recruiting Google employees for its search engine project, highlighting the escalating competition in the technology sector.

Intensifying AI market battle

However, OpenAI is not the only entity aiming to disrupt the search engine market. Perplexity AI, a startup founded by a former OpenAI researcher, has quickly gained traction, with ten million active users per month as of January, indicating a soaring interest in its AI-driven search engine.

These developments come at a challenging time for Google, currently embroiled in an antitrust lawsuit with the DOJ over its market dominance in search engines. The success of OpenAI could present a significant hurdle for Google, particularly on the eve of their own I/O event. Nonetheless, this surge in competition might ultimately benefit consumers, offering more choices and innovative solutions.
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