TechOne rotation means power for two days. The largest offshore wind farm

One rotation means power for two days. The largest offshore wind farm

Dogger Bank
Dogger Bank
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8:11 AM EDT, October 13, 2023, updated: 7:16 AM EDT, October 25, 2023

The largest offshore wind farm, with some of the most efficient turbines in the world. That's Dogger Bank off the coast of Great Britain. The power station began its operations in October 2023. Although - so far - on a very limited scale.

The British wind farm Dogger Bank has begun operations. The first of the planned 277 turbines was installed in August 2023, and two months later, it performed its first rotations. Each one is extremely valuable - a single turbine rotation generates enough energy to power a typical household for two days.

Dogger Bank - the largest offshore wind farm

The first, like every consecutive turbine (Haliade-X with a power of 13 MW) in the future, stands 853 ft tall, and its blades measure 351 ft. The entire network will be located in the North Sea, about 81 miles from the coast of Great Britain. It will be connected to the British national network and will supply "green" energy to both homes and corporate users.

Finally, the farm created by turbines will cover an area almost twice as large as New York City. It will have a power of 3.6 GW and will even power up to six million buildings. As for the environmental benefit, it is compared to the removal of one and a half million cars from the roads.

Dogger Bank is a "milestone in the development of the offshore wind energy industry and the transition to a cleaner and safer energy system", as reported by the operator. The UK Prime Minister added that the farm will "increase energy security, create jobs, and lower electricity bills". It should be noted that the project is being carried out by SEE Renewables, a British company, and the Norwegian companies Equinor and Vargronn.

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