NewsOne of the most advanced Russian ships has been sunk

One of the most advanced Russian ships has been sunk

The Ukrainians struck the port in Crimea. The ship was destroyed.
The Ukrainians struck the port in Crimea. The ship was destroyed.
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11:06 AM EST, November 5, 2023

The Ukrainian Air Force Commander, General Mykola Olekschuk, confirmed that the Ukrainian military has sunk one of the most high-tech ships of the Russian Federation's Black Sea Fleet. There is a possibility that the vessel could have been carrying Kalibr maneuvering missiles. The Russians, however, were initially reluctant to acknowledge these circumstances.

"Our pilots successfully carried out strikes in Kerch, leading to the sinking of one of Russia's most modern Black Sea Fleet ships, which might have been equipped with Kalibr maneuvering missiles," announced the Ukrainian Air Force Commander, Mykola Olekschuk, on Telegram Saturday evening.

"I hope that another similar naval unit followed the 'Moscow' into the deep!" added Olekschuk.

Earlier on Saturday, the Ukrainian army reported that the Ukrainian armed forces bombarded the port and shipyard in Kerch in the occupied Crimea. Videos posted on social media by eyewitnesses indicate the use of maneuvering missiles during the attack. Residents reported seeing a plume of smoke rising from the Zaliv shipyard.

Russia Confirms

The Russian Ministry of Defense admitted that a Black Sea Fleet ship of the Russian Federation, located in the Kerch shipyard, "sustained damage".

The Russians asserted that Ukraine had allegedly fired 15 maneuvering missiles toward the Butom Shipyard in Kerch.

According to them, the anti-aircraft defense managed to shoot down 13 maneuvering missiles, and one of them "damaged the ship".

Prior to this acknowledgment, the occupiers of Crimea maintained for half a day that "fragments of the downed missiles fell onto the territory of one of the dry docks".

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