EntertainmentOliver Stone sparks more controversy, plans one final feature film

Oliver Stone sparks more controversy, plans one final feature film

Oliver Stone directed the most recent feature film "Snowden" in 2016.
Oliver Stone directed the most recent feature film "Snowden" in 2016.
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11:31 AM EDT, May 21, 2024

Oliver Stone consistently goes against the grain in his work, including in documentaries, which have entirely absorbed him in recent years. He continually sparks controversy, especially with his warm opinions about Russia and Vladimir Putin. At the twilight of his career, he still wants to make one last impactful feature film.

Oliver Stone achieved his greatest successes in the 1980s and 1990s. It was during this period that his Oscar-winning films "Platoon" and "Born on the Fourth of July" were made, along with other artistically significant films important for the American collective consciousness, such as "JFK" and "Nixon." In the new millennium, he remains an active socio-political commentator but primarily expresses himself through documentaries and TV series.

Stone traditionally does not pretend to be an unbiased author. In our part of Europe, his interviews with Vladimir Putin caused the most controversy, which internet users described as "groveling on his knees," "servile," and "drinking the words of a criminal." It's worth mentioning that while discussing the Kremlin law banning "gay propaganda among minors," Stone said, "It seems like reasonable legislation."

Oliver Stone despises the President of Ukraine

Later, Oliver Stone denied being homophobic but still very openly declared his empathy towards Russian politics and Putin. Among other things, he promoted the thesis that the memorable Euromaidan in Ukraine in 2013 and 2014 was a "coup" inspired by the United States, which is hostile towards Russia. Putin's aggression against Ukraine has changed little in the artist's thinking.

"I am most concerned [...] that this American involvement in Ukraine is leading to disaster. [...].It’s a lost dog. We have supported it, created it, financed it completely, and I don’t think it’s going to end well because we are not backing off. This is the Russian interest, it is on their borders, man. Think about it. We are going to go to a potential World War III situation for Ukraine? Don’t you think that’s crazy?" he said in an interview with "Deadline."

Oliver Stone admitted that he despises the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, because "when he was elected, he promised to be an advocate for peace."

"I think I have one more in me"

Oliver Stone came to this year’s Cannes festival to promote his latest documentary "Lula," about the current left-wing President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. On this occasion, the 77-year-old director admitted that he wants to make one more feature film and soon. Later, he would like to end his career.

"I have it in my head, but I cannot say what it will be. But it is an important story. I would like to make this one more film [...]. It will definitely be made next year," he announced in an interview.

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