FoodOlive Oil in your coffee? Why oleate could be your new health hack

Olive Oil in your coffee? Why oleate could be your new health hack

Oleato Coffee - a drink with an unusual addition
Oleato Coffee - a drink with an unusual addition
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5:48 PM EDT, May 7, 2024

Adding a special ingredient to your usual cup of black coffee can significantly boost your health. Introducing Oleato coffee, a barista favourite currently surrounded by intriguing, albeit somewhat concerning, controversy.

Coffee is beneficial to health. We've long championed its health advantages despite acknowledging its potential downsides from certain additives. These can tarnish its reputation and negate its benefits. However, there's a simple solution: substitute harmful additives with healthy ones, enhancing the intrinsic benefits of your morning (or anytime) brew.

Amid coffee innovation and the creative evolution within the realm of baristas, bulletproof coffee emerged in the U.S. This highly fatty coffee variation sparked debate among nutritionists, leading to the creation of Oleato—perceived as a healthier alternative. What makes it so special?

Oleato coffee explained

The essence of Oleato coffee lies in adding olive oil to the brew, enriching it with new, health-promoting qualities. Olive oil, rich in vitamin E and healthy fats, complements coffee perfectly. It boosts heart and brain functionality, helps regulate cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and is packed with antioxidants.

To make Oleato coffee, add one teaspoon of olive oil to your cup. Experts suggest a daily intake of 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil for optimal health benefits. This innovative coffee concoction offers a delicious way to incorporate these recommended amounts into your diet. But there's a catch...

Oleato Coffee – why it might be best enjoyed alone

Starbucks in Milan introduced coffee with Sicilian olive oil in 2023, promising it would revolutionize customers' coffee habits and become an instant favourite. Despite these claims, feedback suggests the beverage has strong... laxative effects, particularly among Americans.

Olive oil is the secret ingredient of Oleato coffee.
Olive oil is the secret ingredient of Oleato coffee.© Canva | stevepb

Was this an unexpected side effect or a strategic move by Americans to defend their beloved butter coffee? Share your thoughts!

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