NewsOlena Zelenska: Without Western help, Ukraine faces deadly danger

Olena Zelenska: Without Western help, Ukraine faces deadly danger

In the photo is Ołena Zełenska with her husband - the president of Ukraine.
In the photo is Ołena Zełenska with her husband - the president of Ukraine.
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3:48 PM EST, December 9, 2023

"If the world grows weary (of helping), it will simply abandon us," warns Olena Zelenska, the First Lady of Ukraine, in an interview with the BBC. "We desperately need this aid," she emphasized.

Zelenska's discussion with the BBC occurred a day after the US Senate stalled on a critical aid package meant for Kyiv. This week, a bill proposing $61 billion in aid for Ukraine failed to secure a sufficient majority in the Senate to progress further. All Republicans voted against it, reasoning that the package lacked "comprehensive restrictions on immigration policy".

That said, this setback doesn't for sure halt the chances of passing another aid package for Ukraine. Most Republicans in the Senate favor additional help, but wish to compel the Democrats to include extensive restrictions on asylum policy and the continuation of fence construction along the Mexico border in the proposal.

"We indeed require this assistance. To put it plainly... we can't afford to tire of this situation, because if we do, we will perish. And if the world becomes fatigued, it will simply let us perish," Olena Zelenska told the BBC. "It distresses us greatly when we see signs this strong desire to help may be waning." she underscored during the conversation, which the BBC will fully broadcast on Sunday.

Joe Biden: Lack of aid for Ukraine is a present to Putin

The network also referenced the US President's remarks that the absence of a resolution on aid for Ukraine would be a "gift" to Vladimir Putin, along with his caution that "history will severely rebuke those who spurned the cause of freedom".

Last week, during his visit to Washington, British Foreign Minister David Cameron urged the continuation of American assistance, which is a key element of Western support for Ukraine in its defense against the Russian incursion.

"I am not concerned about the resilience, unity, and bravery of the Ukrainian nation. It's the possibility that we won't fulfill our responsibilities that worry me," assured the British diplomatic head, quoted by the Reuters agency. "Ukrainians require arms, economic aid, moral and diplomatic support, and above all, military support which can turn the tide," he stated.

He added that if this were not the case, the only contented individuals would be Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping."

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