Tips&TricksOleato Coffee: The Heart-Healthy Brew Taking Over Starbucks

Oleato Coffee: The Heart-Healthy Brew Taking Over Starbucks

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7:32 PM EDT, May 7, 2024

When a certain ingredient is added to traditional black coffee, this drink transforms into a valuable ally for our health. We're referring to Oleato coffee, a recent breakthrough in the coffee scene, albeit surrounded by controversy.

The health benefits of drinking coffee have long been debated, highlighting its positive effects on our well-being. Nevertheless, coffee can have a downside, often due to unhealthy and poorly chosen additives that tarnish its reputation. The solution? Replace harmful additives with those that enhance the health benefits of our daily coffee.

The American coffee-drinking culture is synonymous with innovation, leading to the emergence of Bulletproof coffee. This trend, which involves mixing coffee with fat, typically butter, has sparked debate among nutritionists. Enter Oleato. Many believe this coffee presents a healthier alternative to Bulletproof coffee. So, what are the benefits of Oleato?

Coffee with Olive Oil

By integrating olive oil into coffee, Oleato introduces remarkable health-supporting attributes. Olive oil boosts heart and brain function, lowers bad cholesterol levels, and helps regulate blood pressure. With Oleato coffee, our bodies appreciate a significant dose of antioxidants and olive oil's vitamin E and healthy fats.
Preparing Oleato coffee requires just a teaspoon of olive oil per cup. Experts recommend consuming 2-3 teaspoons of olive oil daily, making Oleato an ingenious method to include this essential nutrient in our diet.

Enjoy Oleato Coffee at Home

Oleato coffee, featuring Sicilian olive oil, debuted in 2023 at Starbucks in Milan. The creators hoped it would revolutionize coffee appreciation for many enthusiasts and quickly gain popularity. However, the reality was somewhat different. Customer feedback, particularly those in America posting online, highlighted a notable drawback—a strong laxative effect.

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