News"Odysseus" has departed. First private moon lander has been launched into space

"Odysseus" has departed. First private moon lander has been launched into space

"Odysseus" has departed. First private moon lander has been launched into space
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5:11 AM EST, February 15, 2024

Intuitive Machines is a company based in Houston. Lander, created by the company's engineers, has been successfully launched into space by Falcon 9 rocket by Elon Musk's SpaceX.

Historical and scientific meaning of the mission

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral in Florida has been the witness for yet another historical event in the story of human space journeys. Created by Houston-based company Intuitive Machines Lander, it has been launched into space by SpaceX's constructed famous rocket Falcon 9.

It is going to take a while though, before the attempt to land on the Moon shall be embarked on. The rocket with the lander on the board is going to be orbiting for about a week, and the attempt at landing is scheduled for the 22nd of February.

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If the landing ends well, the lander shall be the first-ever private spacecraft to land on the surface of the Moon. The attempt was made a month ago by Pittsburgh-based Astrobotic Technology but failed due to a fuel leak, which was a heartbreak for all the engineers included in the construction of the lander. Nothing is lost, though; the Texas-based company's attempt will be made.

One of the main people in the company - Vice chief of Space Systems Trent Martin has commented on the situation and his high hopes as well as consciousness of the historical meaning of the mission:

It is a profoundly humbling moment for all of us at Intuitive Machines. The opportunity to return the United States to the moon for the first time since 1972 demands a hunger to explore, and that's at the heart of everyone at Intuitive Machines.

The lander shall attempt to land near the Moon's south pole. It is an especially interesting part of the Moon for scientists because of the potential frozen water that could be found there and examined if it makes a return back to the Earth.

NASA's problems

The United States governmental projects, namely the Artemis mission, have had some troubles recently and have had to delay the launch of their mission to the Moon from the end of 2024 to the start of 2025. The public is inquisitive about what is going to happen with this project. One shall wait and see.

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