NewsOdessa's 'Harry Potter' Castle Destroyed as Tensions Escalate in Ukraine

Odessa's 'Harry Potter' Castle Destroyed as Tensions Escalate in Ukraine

The bombed "Harry Potter" castle in Odessa burned down
The bombed "Harry Potter" castle in Odessa burned down
Images source: © X, Youtube

10:56 AM EDT, April 30, 2024

As a result of intensified Russian bombardments on Odessa, the estate of Serhij Kivalov, known as the "Harry Potter" castle, burned down. According to Ukrainian media, 3 people are dead, and 20 have been injured.
On Monday, April 29, Russian missiles targeted Odessa. As a result of the bombings around 7 PM (Eastern Time), the so-called palace of students known as the "Harry Potter" castle was hit.

The Harry Potter castle in Odessa burns after a Russian missile attack on Ukraine. 20 people are injured, and three are dead — reports the "Ukraine BattleMap" account on the X platform. A short video documenting the fire of the spectacular building is attached to the post.

An Iskander missile with cluster munition was reported to have hit the so-called palace of students. Ukrainian media report that Sergei Kivalov — the owner of the estate, technically owned by the state-run Odessa Law Academy, was also injured in the bombing.

Are the Russians bombing "their own"?

Whether or not Kivalov was injured, he apparently had done something to antagonize the Russians. Although it cannot be ruled out that his estate was hit by accident. The politician is known in Ukraine for his pro-Russian views.

For his "achievements," the Ukrainian politician was awarded the Pushkin medal by Vladimir Putin. From 1988-2004, Kivalov served as a deputy to the Ukrainian parliament's Supreme Council. He resigned to take up the position of chairman of the Ukrainian Election Commission. In 2004, presidential elections were held in Ukraine.

A forger with a great fortune?

Kivalov was accused of falsifying the outcome in favor of Viktor Yanukovych (a politician also sympathetic to Russia). It can certainly be said that Kivalov significantly contributed to the start of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine (which lasted from November 22, 2004, to January 23, 2005).

The majestic estate of the Ukrainian politician made headlines in 2015. Activists from the organization AutoMajdan flew a drone over the castle at that time, documenting it, and publishing the material on YouTube.

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