NewsOccupied Crimea civilians move to the Russian Southern Military District amid Ukrainian strikes

Occupied Crimea civilians move to the Russian Southern Military District amid Ukrainian strikes

Chaos in Crimea. Russians must flee the island
Chaos in Crimea. Russians must flee the island
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4:13 PM EDT, June 10, 2024

Russian air defense soldiers received orders to evacuate their families from Crimea to the Russian Southern Military District. According to their information, air defense systems are also being moved from Crimea to the Belgorod region in Russia. This results from further successful attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Russian command recommended that the military air defense evacuate families from temporarily occupied Crimea. This was reported by the partisan movement Atesh, cited by Ukrainian politician Anton Herashchenko.

Agent Atesh, who is part of the calculation of the air defense system stationed in the village of Novosti in Crimea, reports that he has received a "recommendation" from commanders to start evacuating their families to military camps in the Southern Military District - reads the article.

Experts note that this order coincides with the relocation of Russian air defense systems from Crimea to the Belgorod region. Such actions threaten the safety of the peninsula.

Atesh also adds that at the same time, the Russian Federation is creating new mobile air defense groups to combat drones using the Soviet anti-aircraft gun ZU-23-2.

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This development coincides with the movement of air defense systems to the Belgorod region, which poses a threat to security in Crimea - emphasizes the mentioned source.

Ukrainians dealt a blow to Russians in Crimea

Ukrainian forces destroyed three air defense battalions stationed in Russian-occupied Crimea, the General Staff in Kyiv reported on Monday (Eastern Time).

As added in the communiqué, none of our missiles were intercepted by the enemy's 'highly effective' air defense.

The General Staff also added that after the attacks, explosions of ammunition were observed in places where Russian battalions were stationed.

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