LifestyleObservational test from Japan. Only a few pass it

Observational test from Japan. Only a few pass it

The Japanese test will reveal the condition of your brain.
The Japanese test will reveal the condition of your brain.
Images source: © X (Twitter) | X (Twitter)

3:05 PM EDT, November 3, 2023

Observational riddles are an enjoyable test of perception. Your task in this riddle is to look at the illustration below and identify various hidden elements. This activity is designed to assess whether your brain retains its youthful sharpness.

The puzzle seems simple, but the implications are profound. This illustration of a man and two children building a doghouse is more than what it initially appears to be. If you can spot all the hidden elements, it suggests that your powers of observation remain strong and your brain is still "young".

Is Your Brain Ageing? This Japanese Test Provides Insight

The idea that the brain can and must be trained has long been established. Undertaking activities such as solving logical puzzles, memory training, and practicing observation can aid in this. A fascinating illustration initially shared on the X profile (formerly Twitter), tests your powers of observation, in turn gauging your brain's condition.

The graphic displays a straightforward scene: a father and two children constructing a doghouse in their yard while their sprightly dog runs amiably nearby. However, there's more here than meets the eye. You need to identify a butterfly, a bat, and a duck hidden within the scene.

The Japanese test will show if our brain is aging.
The Japanese test will show if our brain is aging.© X, X | Twitter, X
"Find the hidden animals: a duck, a bat, and a butterfly," outlines this Japanese test for brain age. "Try to solve the task without looking at the comments section. Here at Our Forests, we love such tests as much as we love trees and wood," reads the call to action on their online profile.

This test proved challenging for many online participants, as reflected in their comments. According to some, the duck was the easiest to find, while locating the other animals proved to be a more complex task.

"It's not as easy as it looks," commented one participant. Another shared, "I managed to find the duck and the butterfly". Another participant humorously noted, "Test for brain aging. I, at 18, spent about 8 minutes on this and my grandma found everything immediately."

So, are you prepared to know the solution?

Japanese test - solution
Japanese test - solution© X, X | Twitter, X

The butterfly is camouflaged among the tree leaves. You can spot the bat nestled between the tree trunk and the girl's hand. As for the duck, it is located near the dog and the hammer. Tell us, were you able to find all the elements?

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