EntertainmentObservation challenge: TikTok game tests speed in spotting unique number

Observation challenge: TikTok game tests speed in spotting unique number

Observation test
Observation test
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8:11 AM EST, February 14, 2024

Let's tackle a seemingly simple yet profound question: what does it truly mean to be observant? Being observant means actively seeking and quickly identifying minute details. It's often equated with intelligence and directly relates to our pictorial memory. In other words, an observant person is alert, perceptive, and focused - qualities that most of us would love to have.

The good news is that being observant isn’t an innate trait that we’re stuck with forever, but a skill that can be honed. So, how can one enhance their observant skill? One excellent way is by solving puzzles in your free time or seeking out seemingly identical pictures and finding their differences. Alternatively, while at a coffee shop, you could propose a game of spotting individuals wearing sneakers to your friends. The person who spots the most in the shortest time wins.

Can you find the number quickly? The observation test

TikTok can also serve as a tool to sharpen your observant skills. On the profile bigmanshawnklip, you'll find a series of videos with pictures containing various numbers. Each picture contains 100 numbers, spread across 10 rows, but one of them stands out. Let's consider the number 71 with the exceptional number 17 as an example. Isn't it fascinating to see how quickly you can find it?

If you can spot the unique number within a maximum of 10 seconds, you have every reason to be proud of your exceptional visual acuity and mental sharpness. Time yourself, and then challenge your mom, partner, or friend. See who wins this game.

Observation Test
Observation Test© TikTok
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