News"Not only nuclear". Ukrainian intelligence on Putin's briefcases

"Not only nuclear". Ukrainian intelligence on Putin's briefcases

Mr. Vladimir Putin during his October visit to China.
Mr. Vladimir Putin during his October visit to China.
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7:23 AM EDT, October 24, 2023

- We've heard this many times before and there's nothing new - said Ukrainian military man, Andrij Jusow, in an interview with the Espresso service. He was referring to Russia's attempts to intimidate with nuclear attacks.

Andrij Jusow, a representative of Ukrainian military intelligence, assessed in an interview for the Espresso service that Ukraine does not have to fear the threat of nuclear danger from Russia.

"Putin's nuclear briefcases"

He was referring to the recent visit of the Russian dictator to China. Behind Vladimir Putin, there were people carrying suitcases for him.

- Putin carries various suitcases with him, not just nuclear ones. And probably not because he is so brave. In this context, Ukraine has no reason to worry, as the entire pool of weapons that the terrorist state of the Russian Federation and its Nazi government could have used, has already been used - evaluated Andrij Jusow in an interview.

- There are still threats of using nuclear weapons. We have heard this many times and there is nothing new here. Because Putin has long ago given up nuclear blackmail, his influence is much smaller than expected - added Jusow.

- Nuclear weapons worldwide are a deterrent weapon. This means that they act not as an applicable element, but as a deterrent against certain external threats. Attempts by Russia and its mad dictators to turn a deterrent weapon into some real threat... Of course, the world won't just stand by and watch, but it won't play into such cheap propaganda blackmail either. I am convinced - the military officer assessed.

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