NewsNorwegian military leader warns of possible Russian invasion, urges Europe to prepare

Norwegian military leader warns of possible Russian invasion, urges Europe to prepare

Eirik Kristoffersen
Eirik Kristoffersen
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2:20 AM EST, January 24, 2024

Eirik Kristoffersen, the head of the Norwegian Armed Forces, noted that Russia is rapidly acquiring military equipment while other countries are progressively draining their stockpile. He further emphasized that NATO countries might have overextended their aid to Ukraine, neglecting their military power.

Is Russia planning to attack NATO countries?

"We are entering a phase, potentially lasting one, two, or maybe three years, where we must invest significantly in defense. We don't know what state Russia will be in three years from now. It's crucial for us to navigate an uncertain and unpredictable world while maintaining a robust national defense," He conveyed to the Norwegian press agency NTB on Sunday.

Kristoffersen mentioned that Russia has rapidly shifted to a "war economy" and is empowered by allies in Iran and North Korea. He believes that Vladimir Putin may choose to invade other countries even if he doesn't achieve victory in Ukraine. The general urged Norwegians to stock food and gear up for potential warfare.

"The Norwegian populace should contemplate their own readiness," he stressed.

Previously, Kristoffersen's Swedish counterpart Mikael Bydén and the head of the NATO military committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, echoed identical sentiments. Both men stated that the rest of Europe should be prepared for a possible Russian assault that could trigger World War III.

Documents procured from the German Defense Ministry suggest that Russian forces are set to execute several attacks in the Baltic countries by July, possibly leading to a full-blown war with NATO by 2025. Moreover, German intelligence warns of the Kremlin launching a propaganda crusade around border conflicts to legitimize its assaults on Eastern Europe.

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