NewsNorth Korea's military on high alert, prepares for potential conflict amid growing tensions

North Korea's military on high alert, prepares for potential conflict amid growing tensions

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un
Images source: © PAP | KCNA

4:31 AM EST, February 20, 2024

The Department of the General Staff of North Korea has issued a telegraphic instruction for the entire army. The order commands the completion of war preparations by the end of February and early March. This move is reportedly a response to the current situation. The objective is to train the specialist units in a setting that mimics real combat conditions.

This tense environment is familiar territory in Kim Jong Un's nation. Allegedly hostile intentions, presented as a response to the aggression of their main adversary, South Korea, have been a mainstay in Pyongyang's communications over the years. These messages have escalated over time, serving as a justification for an arms race and North Korea's nuclear testing activities.

According to Daily NK, a South Korean news source with a network of informants in North Korea, China, and other countries, the military has been put on an "emergency" notice. They are to act on a command for the "occupation and pacification of enemy territory no. 1".

South Korea and the United States will engage in comprehensive military exercises under "Shield of Freedom" in March. The heightened emergency alert in North Korea may be associated with these forthcoming maneuvers.

The North Korean leadership has dispatched a command for "war preparations".

All military units are expected to respond swiftly to this command. Personnel specializing in firepower, warships, planes, aiming, anti-aircraft systems, command and communication, chemical weapons, and surveillance are instructed to remain especially vigilant.

Daily NK reports that the department has underlined the necessity for improving the quality of training for specialized military units. This remarkable mobilization is cause for concern.

Implementing Kim Jong Un's plan as outlined in the "20×10" doctrine will pose a challenge. Nonetheless, the authorities have emphasized that they are on alert and have heightened readiness for "double and triple war."

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