NewsNorth Korean mothers urged to report children for consuming illicit media at national convention

North Korean mothers urged to report children for consuming illicit media at national convention

North Korean women in traditional outfits. Illustrative photo.
North Korean women in traditional outfits. Illustrative photo.
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6:29 AM EST, January 23, 2024

This instruction emerged at a national gathering for mothers held in the city of Anju, located in the South Pyongan province of North Korea, according to Radio Free Asia reports. The Korean Socialist Women's Union organizes these events. The discourse's content was reportedly shared with the station by a participant.

The presenters at the meeting stressed that mothers should reinforce family education and assist in eradicating antisocial elements. "The lecturer highlighted the role of mothers in countering anti-social behavior through proper education of their children," a woman disclosed to RFA.

Recommendations offered during the meeting suggested that "If a child were caught committing crimes like viewing South Korean films or stealing state property, mothers are expected to voluntarily report their children to judicial authorities and ask for forgiveness." Theft of state property and consumption of illegal media are heavily penalized crimes in North Korea, with punishments ranging from severe penalties to public executions.

The attendees were also advised to respect their husbands and encouraged to have many children. RFA reported that the address's content took aback North Korean women. "Women were stunned by the segment about reporting their children to the judicial authorities," shared the source. One of the attendees reportedly observed that "mothers are now being utilized as a tool for controlling the youth."

Source: RFA

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