NewsNorth Korea warns of increased nuclear deterrence measures

North Korea warns of increased nuclear deterrence measures

Kim Jong Un speaks about nuclear weapons.
Kim Jong Un speaks about nuclear weapons.
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6:43 AM EDT, May 20, 2024

The North Korean KCNA news agency has released the latest statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "(We) cannot but reconsider the measures necessary for the improvement of the overall nuclear deterrence," the dispatch reported. War rhetoric is an inseparable element of Kim Jong Un’s muscle-flexing.

The Kim Jong Un regime regularly threatens the use of nuclear weapons. It has been repeatedly emphasized that North Korea will not hesitate to use this destructive weapon if provoked by the "enemy". The North Korean regime has once again resorted to the nuclear scare tactic.

To cope with the strategic instability in the region and the rest of the world caused by the U.S. unilateral action, (we) cannot but reconsider the measures necessary for the improvement of the overall nuclear deterrence posture within the range of its vested sovereign right and possible options — the latest KCNA dispatch reported.

The statement responds to information from the U.S. Department of Energy regarding a so-called subcritical nuclear test reportedly conducted by the National Nuclear Security Administration at a test site in Nevada. As Reuters points out, during a subcritical test, no chain reaction is associated with the fission of radioactive atoms.

The North Korean dispatch does not specify what "measures" the regime plans to take.

North Korean missile tests

North Korea regularly conducts ballistic missile tests. The latest one was held last Friday, as reported by Reuters on Saturday, May 18. The news agency cited local media as reporting that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un observed the tactical ballistic missile tests equipped with a new autonomous guidance system on Friday.

The Koreans reportedly launched several short-range ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan. After the tests concluded, the dictator expressed satisfaction with their performance and ordered the acceleration of the production of new missiles.

KCNA reported that "the test launch confirmed the accuracy and reliability of the system," indicating that the missiles covered a distance of 190 miles.

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