NewsNorth Korea: Kim Jong Un signals retaliation at the border

North Korea: Kim Jong Un signals retaliation at the border

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un
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11:48 AM EST, November 23, 2023

North Korea has threatened to deploy a new weapon along the border with South Korea. The Ministry of Defense in Pyongyang announced through the KCNA news agency that it plans to restore all military measures that were suspended under an agreement with the South in 2018.

North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, has stepped back from all actions aimed at easing the conflict between the neighboring countries on the Korean Peninsula. This development comes a day after Seoul suspended part of the military agreement signed between both Koreas five years ago.

The South breached earlier agreements as a protest against Pyongyang's initiation of a program on Tuesday, in which a spy satellite was launched. This launch marks North Korea's third attempt this year.

According to a report on the portal on Thursday, the statement from the North announces a withdrawal from all actions taken to "prevent military tensions and conflicts on land, sea, and air". The country also plans to deploy stronger armed forces and a "new type of military equipment" along the demarcation line.

The launch of a spy satellite by Kim was carried out after two similar unsuccessful attempts. Pyongyang proceeded with further military tests after the country's leader visited Russia.

As highlighted by the portal, during a meeting between Kim and Vladimir Putin, a reciprocal promise for retaliation was made in response to Moscow's provision of missiles. Russia has promised to assist Korea in building more structures that will facilitate aggressive actions against the South. Russia and North Korea have denied arms agreements, yet it is known that the two countries are planning deeper cooperation.

Tension Escalates on the Korean Peninsula as Kim Introduces a New Weapon

A spokesperson for the US State Department commented that South Korea's decision to suspend part of the inter-Korean agreement was a "considered and restrained response" to North Korea's violation of the 2018 terms.

On Wednesday, South Korea once again sent both manned and unmanned reconnaissance aircraft to the border area. The Yonhap news agency reported that regular surveillance has resumed.

The launch of a spy satellite into orbit by North Korea on Tuesday was met with international outcry. This escalation in armament is viewed as a violation of UN resolutions prohibiting Pyongyang from using technology that can be employed in ballistic missile programs.

South Korea stated that the North Korean satellite likely entered orbit. However, it currently remains unclear whether the satellite is functional.

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