NewsNorth Korea developing rocket launchers for potential export to Russia amidst Ukraine conflict

North Korea developing rocket launchers for potential export to Russia amidst Ukraine conflict

Putin will receive support. Disturbing reports from North Korea.
Putin will receive support. Disturbing reports from North Korea.

4:03 AM EST, February 13, 2024

The ISW's report, among other sources, cites the South Korean news agency (Yonhap News Agency). The agency reported on Monday that North Korea has developed a 9.45-inch rocket mortar - a multiple rocket launch system (MRLS), which could potentially be exported to Russia.

Major General Vadim Skibitskiy, the Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate of Military Intelligence of Ukraine (GUR), stated that North Korea had supplied Russia with a million pieces of artillery ammunition from September to November 2023. US officials have reported that Russian forces have fired at least nine North Korean rockets at Ukraine since February 2024, according to the ISW.

Analysts at the Institute for War Studies suggest that Russia welcomes financial, technological, and defense cooperation with North Korea in exchange for the supply of ammunition and ballistic missiles for use in Ukraine.

Zwarycz: We stand a chance to defeat Russian imperialism

At a meeting in the Sejm on Monday, Ukrainian ambassador Vasily Zwarycz discussed the current state of affairs in Ukraine. A document titled "20 days in Mariupol" by Mstyslav Chernov was presented in the Column Hall, portraying the Ukrainian city devastated by the Russians.

The Ukrainian ambassador underlined the significance of the screening of "20 Days in Mariupol" in the Sejm, which he called "the heart of Polish democracy." He emphasized the representation of the values the Ukrainian nation presently fights for freedom, sovereignty, and the opportunity to construct their European future autonomously but with the backing of their allies.

He called on the "entire free world to rally around this narrative," stating that "today, more than ever, we have a historical opportunity to vanquish Russian imperialism once and for all, so that goodwill prevails over evil, and ensure this evil is held accountable after our victory, as impunity murders."

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