NewsNine firefighters injured, two critically, in Los Angeles truck explosion

Nine firefighters injured, two critically, in Los Angeles truck explosion

Powerful explosion in the USA. There are injured firefighters.
Powerful explosion in the USA. There are injured firefighters.
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7:08 AM EST, February 16, 2024

Authorities in the United States have reported that at least nine firefighters were injured and transported to the hospital, two of whom are in critical condition. Meanwhile, the driver of the small truck did not sustain severe injuries.

The firefighters were evaluated for various injuries related to burns, explosions, and respiratory issues - said Dr. Molly Deane, a trauma surgeon at Harbor UCLA Medical Center.

One of the severely injured firefighters required intubation to receive oxygen to their lungs and was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles, where a special Burn Center unit is located. Dr. Deane comments that after viewing the video of the explosion, "it's extraordinary that none of them suffered even more serious injuries."

Joy Benedict, reporter for KCAL, stated that the Los Angeles police evacuated the East Young Street neighborhood in Wilmington, where close to 75 residents were asked to leave their homes temporarily. Investigators have identified potentially dangerous materials in the area and are considering ways to dispose of them safely.

Truck explosion caused by massive tank

The truck was powered by two 26-gallon compressed natural gas tanks rather than diesel fuel.

One of the tanks exploded as the crew approached the truck to extinguish the initial flames. The explosion occurred six minutes after the firefighters arrived on the scene.

The second tank did not explode and currently poses a risk as it continues to release gas - stated Erik Scott, captain of the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

Kristin Crowley, the fire chief in Los Angeles, addressed the incident at a press conference after visiting the injured firefighters from the explosion, declaring she will never forget this episode.

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