EntertainmentNicki Minaj detained in Amsterdam for marijuana: Sabotage claims emerge

Nicki Minaj detained in Amsterdam for marijuana: Sabotage claims emerge

Nicki Minaj arrested. All because of marijuana?
Nicki Minaj arrested. All because of marijuana?
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9:03 AM EDT, May 26, 2024

Nicki Minaj was arrested at the airport in Amsterdam and spent a few hours in a cell. The rapper later posted a video explaining the entire situation. Security detained her due to the possession of marijuana. The singer expressed her shock regarding the incident. On X, she shared her grievances with her fans, raising the question: Is this detention an act of sabotage?

Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, known by her stage name Nicki Minaj, is a popular American rapper. The artist is famous for hits such as "Starships," "Super Bass," and "Love Me Enough." Her colorful costumes, wigs, and distinctive flow gained massive recognition. Currently, the star is recognized worldwide. Her career soared after the release of her debut album, "Pink Friday." Thanks to the popularity of her songs and albums, she now boasts numerous successes and awards.

Nicki Minaj is on a concert tour

On December 11th of last year, Nicki Minaj announced her concert tour. The rapper visited many cities in the United States, and she also included Europe in her itinerary. The singer is set to perform in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Germany. The artist will play in huge arenas during the Pink Friday 2 Tour. Despite this, most of her concerts sold out almost instantly.

Nicki Minaj arrested for marijuana?

On May 25th, Nicki Minaj's social media was flooded with complaints. The rapper explained to her fans that she was arrested at the Amsterdam airport for possession of marijuana. The artist was en route to Manchester (United Kingdom), where she was scheduled to perform that evening. Unfortunately, due to the necessary procedures, she missed her flight. Consequently, she was forced to cancel the concert.

The artist claims the whole situation is sabotage: "They’ve been trying to stop me from coming to every show. They took my bags before I could see them. Put it on the plane. Now saying they’re waiting on customs. This is what it looks like when ppl are paid big money to try to sabotage a tour after all else failed. Everything they’ve done is illegal."

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