EntertainmentNeymar's request for explicit photos ends relationship with Bruna Biancardi

Neymar's request for explicit photos ends relationship with Bruna Biancardi

Aline Farias flirted with Neymar online.
Aline Farias flirted with Neymar online.
Images source: © Instagram | Aline Farias
3:28 PM EST, November 29, 2023

The model Aline Farias was solicited by Neymar to send explicit photographs - a demand that ultimately led to the end of his relationship with Bruna Biancardi. This controversy is yet another scandal involving the Brazilian footballer.

Neymar, aged 31, is once again single. Bruna Biancardi, the mother of Neymar's newborn daughter, has publicly announced their separation. This news follows revelations of Neymar's personal correspondence with Aline Farias.

The Al Hilal and Brazil national team player demanded explicit photos from Aline Farias. He gained access to her OnlyFans account with some difficulty. Neymar insists the flirtatious exchange took place not while he was dating Bruna Biancardi but some years prior.

My respect for Neymar is intact. I never intended to hurt him. I was only doing my job – business is business. Even presidents wouldn't get my photos for free. Despite being accused of lying, Neymar's response confirms our conversation did indeed take place - asserts Aline Farias. She has resisted criticism following the leak of her correspondence with the footballer.

Aline Farias doesn't only host an OnlyFans page but an Instagram profile as well. She has 37,800 followers on Instagram where she shares photos that are quite revealing. Brazil's beautiful scenery often serves as her backdrop.

2021 marked a turning point in Farias's life. She left the world of YouTube gaming behind and relocated from Belo Horizonte to Sao Paolo. It was then she began selling more provocative photos on an adults-only platform.

Aline Farias proved successful in the video game world, ranking among Brazil's top ten players in Point Blank. Her new career as an influencer and model seems more profitable – and Neymar's interest may further boost her popularity.

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