SportsNeymar's looming third fatherhood: DNA test to confirm paternity for model Amanda Kimberlly's baby

Neymar's looming third fatherhood: DNA test to confirm paternity for model Amanda Kimberlly's baby

Neymar is a player for the Saudi club Al-Hilal.
Neymar is a player for the Saudi club Al-Hilal.
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12:59 PM EST, January 29, 2024

In October 2023, Neymar's daughter, Mavia, was born. This is the footballer's second child. He also has an 11-year-old son, David Lucci, from a previous relationship with Carolina Dantas. On the other hand, Mavia is the result of Neymar's relationship with Bruna Biancardi.

A third child might soon be part of Neymar's complex family life. The baby's arrival is anticipated in May. According to the Brazilian portal "LeoDias", the due date for model Amanda Kimberlly's baby is set for this month.

The media suggests that Neymar's family eagerly awaits his third child's arrival. This won't stir conflict. Neymar himself is maintaining a fair amount of detachment towards the situation, intent on conducting a DNA test after birth to establish or debunk his paternity. He doesn't wholly trust Amanda Kimberlly.

Both parents must agree to a DNA test after the child's birth. The model's opinion on this isn't known - she isn't particularly expressive in the media. She keeps a low profile, and recently, she hasn't made any statements about Neymar.

Amanda Kimberlly rose to fame by participating in a reality show. The model is active in social efforts, including providing the needy and homeless with material aid. She is not Neymar's life partner. Their relationship was brief and romantic.

Neymar's personal life receives more attention than his professional career. This is also because the Brazilian representative is recovering from a significant injury. Due to the absence of regular training, he has gained some weight, which has led to questioning his ability to return to top form on the pitch.

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