EntertainmentNeymar's family targeted in chilling kidnap attempt

Neymar's family targeted in chilling kidnap attempt

They wanted to kidnap Neymar's daughter.
They wanted to kidnap Neymar's daughter.
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2:31 PM EST, November 8, 2023

Footballer Neymar recently experienced a chilling incident. Assailants, who had intended to kidnap his daughter, broke into his apartment only to find the grandparents of his child - the parents of his partner. They were tied up and robbed. The footballer has since spoken about the crime against his family.

Even relative safety couldn't protect Neymar from this horrifying situation in Brazil. As South American media reported, his newborn daughter was the intended kidnap target. His daughter Mavie, born in early October, is the result of Neymar's relationship with Bruna Biancardi. He also has a teenage son from another relationship.

Attempted kidnapping of Neymar's daughter

The assailants broke into a guarded community in Cotia city, where Bruna's parents live. Neither Neymar's partner nor their one-month-old daughter, Mavie, was present during the break-in. The criminals nonetheless proceeded with their attack, tying up the grandparents and making off with valuable items like handbags and watches.

The incident sent shockwaves through Brazil. According to "O'Globo", the police are actively investigating the burglary and robbery. They have since apprehended a 20-year-old man alleged to have assisted the criminals in gaining entry into the secured premises.

On social media, Neymar expressed his feelings about the situation.

It's a sad day. An attack took place, Bru's parents suffered, but thankfully everything is under control- he wrote.

Neymar's difficult times

Bruna Biancardi has also given an update, assured her loved ones that her parents are well. She added, likely to deter would-be kidnappers, that neither she nor her sister live with their parents in Cotia. This clarity could deter potential future kidnappers of young Mavie.

Neymar has been facing tough times recently, notwithstanding the joy of becoming a father again. During a qualifying match between Brazil and Uruguay for the 2026 World Cup, he suffered an injury, rupturing his cruciate ligaments. This 31-year-old has been left sidelined as a result.

Rumors about Neymar's strained relationship with Bruna Biancardi are increasingly circulating, with a potential breakup looming. Speculations suggest that Neymar's infidelity is the cause. It's important to note that Neymar has been accused of cheating on his partner multiple times, including when she was pregnant.

Neymar with his partner and daughter
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