TechNew weapon at Russia's disposal. Independent target selection

New weapon at Russia's disposal. Independent target selection

Drone Izdeliye-53.
Drone Izdeliye-53.
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6:06 PM EDT, October 30, 2023

Online reports suggest that Russia is utilizing an improved version of the Lancet kamikaze drone, as per the Defense Blog. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) in the United States indicates that this weapon is not yet in widespread use with the Russian forces. The Izdeliye-53 drone has the capability of independently identifying and attacking targets.

"Russian sources have reported that, from October 21st, the new Izdeliye-53 drone began active utilization," the ISW reports. The design of this UAV is believed to be unique, marked by its automatic guidance system. This is supposed to facilitate autonomous identification and discrimination of differing targets, potentially making attacks more effective.

Russia's latest kamikaze drones

While the Izdeliye-53 is not substantially in use by Russian forces currently, they are carrying out additional combat tests to assess its effectiveness on the Ukrainian front. ISW mentions that there are no present reports of mass attacks using this equipment, but this may change going forward.

The Russian military may look to develop an autonomous drone capable of carrying out synchronized swarm attacks, a common tactic with this sort of equipment.

Presently, the technical specifications of the Izdeliye-53 remain undisclosed. Nonetheless, ISW speculates that the payload of these smart UAVs could range between seven and eleven pounds. This implies that the device could potentially threaten lightly armored enemy units or infantry. Nevertheless, an eleven-pound explosive charge may not completely incapacitate heavy vehicles on the battlefield.

It's significant to note that recent drone attacks by Russian forces have significantly declined. Between October 1st and 12th, nearly 200 drones were deployed to attack targets in Ukraine. However, in the following weeks, from October 13th to 24th, less than 50 machines targeted Ukrainian positions. This trend, coupled with reports of Izdeliye-53 in Russian hands, may suggest plans for mass attacks in the coming weeks.

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