EntertainmentNew season of "The Boys": Blood, politics, and a looming finale

New season of "The Boys": Blood, politics, and a looming finale

The 4th season of "The Boys" premieres in June.
The 4th season of "The Boys" premieres in June.
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5:22 PM EDT, June 12, 2024

One of the most shocking and bloody series of recent years returns on June 13 with its fourth season. Fans of "The Boys" should savor it, as the story of supes committing brutal massacres is nearing its end.

To say that "The Boys" is controversial is an understatement. It is one of the most brutal productions on Prime Video and among the newest releases in recent years. So far, three seasons have been made, with the fourth premiering on June 13. From the very beginning, the creators have shocked viewers. Just recall the first scene from the first season: a couple in love strolls the streets of New York City. It's clear they deeply love and understand each other without words. The boy grabs his partner's hands, and she disappears from the frame in that very second. Only her severed hands, still being held by her partner, and a pool of blood and ground-up organs remain. She was run into by one of the superheroes with superhuman speed.

"The Boys" ends after its 5th season

Anyone who has watched the episodes of "The Boys" knows that some scenes are so disturbing that they are hard to write about without evoking chills of disgust. Almost every few minutes, the series serves up a scene that becomes legendary online. Fans only need the phrases "the dolphin scene" or "the octopus scene" to recall difficult memories from the show.

On June 13, the fourth installment of "The Boys" will premiere on Prime Video. From the production description in season 4, the world is on the brink of collapse. Despite Homelander's dominance, which is strengthening his power, Victoria Neuman is getting closer to securing the presidency in the White House. Butcher, who has only a few months to live, has lost his son Becca and his position as the leader of the Boys. The rest of the team is fed up with his lies. The stakes are higher than ever, so the heroes must find a way to work together and save the world before it's too late.

Alongside information about the details of the new season, there have been reports that "The Boys" is headed for its end. Showrunner Eric Kripke has announced that "The Boys" will conclude their story with the fifth season. "SEE YOU FOR OUR FINAL SEASON, MOTHERF***S!" he told fans.

"The Boys" tells the story of the titular boys whose lives have been ruined in various ways by people with superpowers. They are far from the superheroes we know from colorful movies, like those from Marvel. The supes in this story are affiliated with one corporation — Vought International, which does everything to make as much money as possible from people with powers. The supes have their manager headquarters, create blockbuster films, and advertise food products and services. They are the biggest celebrities in America. Between filming one movie and another, they participate in multiple actions, which, instead of saving humanity, usually end up in a bloody bath.

The series is packed with references to American politics. One of the primary nemeses of the show, Homelander, is boldly compared to Donald Trump. This has translated into massive interest in the series, which had its third season streamed for 10.6 billion hours and was Amazon's most-watched production. It surpassed the costly "Rings of Power," which was watched for 9.4 million hours.

The fourth season of "The Boys" will begin with the premiere of three episodes on Thursday, June 13. Subsequent episodes will be released weekly, leading to the grand season finale scheduled for Thursday, July 18.

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