TechNew rules introduced by Google Play Store for enhanced user experience on Android

New rules introduced by Google Play Store for enhanced user experience on Android

Google introduces new requirements for apps published in the Google Play store.
Google introduces new requirements for apps published in the Google Play store.
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5:24 PM EST, November 13, 2023

Google has instituted new rules regarding app publications on its Google Play Store. These changes dictate that developers will have to adhere to more rigorous software testing requirements. Primarily, these modifications aim to boost the quality and security of applications offered on the platform.

Even though Google Play ranks among the most favored sources of smartphone applications, many unpolished and potentially harmful apps are available. Google intends to tackle this issue by enforcing new rules for developers setting up their accounts post-November 13. They will have to satisfy specific requirements to publish apps on the platform.

One notable requirement is extended software testing. Each application will require testing by a minimum of 20 testers over a period of at least 14 days. This strategy aims to scrutinize the operational accuracy, behavior, and user-friendliness of apps prior to official release.

The Google Play Console proffers an array of application testing tracks, enabling developers to escalate the number of tests gradually, thereby enhancing the application. Anticipated stages include internal testing, closed testing, open testing, and finally releasing the app for public access. Throughout the entire application testing period, developers are expected to address tester feedback and rectify reported errors.

It's worth noting that the forthcoming operating system - Android 14 - will introduce novel options for app permission requests. For instance, an app will have the ability to request access to a specific photo or video, as opposed to the entire photo gallery.

Another mandate for developers will be to obtain a DUNS number, required for account verification. Google will also ask developers for additional information, which may serve to enforce legal accountability if necessary.

Account verification will be a prerequisite for app publication on the Google Store. The tech giant has made it explicit - unverified accounts, and apps developed by them, will be subject to automatic removal from the Google Play Store.

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