AutosNew Kawasaki models boost power and tech for off-road enthusiasts

New Kawasaki models boost power and tech for off‑road enthusiasts

Kawasaki KLX230R S
Kawasaki KLX230R S
Images source: © Kawasaki

2:31 PM EDT, June 11, 2024

Kawasaki has been offering motocross motorcycles and enduro machines for decades. These categories may not see significant revolutions, but they continually evolve. After all, these are machines used not only for fun but also in sports competitions.

For the 2025 model year, Kawasaki has introduced two new models. The first one is the KX250 and its cross-country variant, KX250X (featuring 21- and 18-inch tires). Engine and component modifications aim to enhance power at low speeds and improve throttle response when exiting turns. Handling is also expected to improve thanks to frame and suspension upgrades borrowed from the top-tier KX450, which was updated a year earlier.

Kawasaki has enhanced the ergonomics with better grips and bodywork designed to make balancing on the motorcycle easier. New electronic features include riding modes and traction control, with settings adjustable via a handlebar switch. Additionally, the bike can be connected to a smartphone to set the engine map using an app.

Kawasaki KX250
Kawasaki KX250© Kawasaki

Although Kawasaki also offers the KX250X, the model designed explicitly for enduro or longer off-road routes is the KLX230R, now debuting in the upgraded S version. A notable new feature is the secured ignition, which started with a key—important for machines that may be left in public places. Another crucial update is the expansion of the fuel tank to 2 gallons, now made from steel instead of plastic.

The design of the Kawasaki KLX230R S takes inspiration from the new KX models. Thanks to a redesigned subframe, the seat is somewhat lower at 34 inches. Comfort has been improved with a thicker seat cushion—now 3 inches thick, about a quarter-inch more than before. Engineers have also refined the 233cc engine, reducing vibrations and decreasing the size of the intake valve.

Kawasaki KLX230R S
Kawasaki KLX230R S© Kawasaki
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