AutosNew indicators in cars. Not everyone knows what they mean

New indicators in cars. Not everyone knows what they mean

Not everyone knows all the controls in new cars.
Not everyone knows all the controls in new cars.
Images source: © Autokult | Błażej Buliński

2:57 PM EST, November 14, 2023

Drivers have frequently felt uneasy at the sight of warning lights on the dashboard. With the emergence of electric cars, new and unfamiliar malfunction or abnormality warnings have also appeared. Have you ever wondered about the meanings behind typical indicators in hybrid cars?

In hybrid and electric cars, just as in traditional gas-powered cars, indicators can be split into two levels of importance. Orange-colored indicators provide a warning of abnormalities or potential issues that might arise in the near future. Conversely, red indicators are a direct signal of a malfunction that has already occurred.

Have you ever considered which indicators predict problems in hybrids and electric cars? Modern cars are designed to display messages in addition to typical indicators. These messages give a direct account of what's happening or what's going wrong with the car, allowing the driver to comprehend their situation and act accordingly.

Moreover, in many contemporary cars, an informative message follows a warning message, like "You can continue driving, contact service." This signifies a pivotal shift from cars just a decade ago. Nonetheless, indicators persist. Some are standardized and bear a specific meaning:

- Indicator with a key symbol or a triangle with an exclamation point – signifies a problem with the car's electrical system, battery, or drivetrain,

- Indicator with a car and an exclamation point – flags a malfunction in the electrical system (battery, circuit),

- Indicator with a battery symbol and an exclamation point – highlights a battery malfunction or low charge level,

- Indicator shaped like a plug with a wire — alerts about a fault in the traction battery charging system (do not connect the car to charging),

- Indicator shaped like a turtle – notifies about reduced performance (drivetrain malfunction or low battery charge level),

- Indicator with a speaker symbol – indicates a problem with the system warning pedestrians of the approaching vehicle,

- Indicator shaped like a thermometer inside a battery – communicates overheated traction battery or electric engine (you should reduce speed or even stop and turn off the car).

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