TechNew features of android 14 redefine smart tv experience

New features of android 14 redefine smart tv experience

New features of android 14 redefine smart tv experience
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6:54 PM EDT, May 17, 2024

Android 14 is Google's latest operating system, and the newest Android TV version for smart TVs is based on it. Let's explore the new features that will be appearing on our televisions.

Today, televisions are less frequently used for watching TV at home; they have evolved into multimedia screens teeming with applications and wireless connectivity options. Modern smart TVs are almost like computers with large screens, and their capabilities may soon be enhanced thanks to new software from Google. The new version of Android TV is built on Android 14. What features does this update introduce?

The new version of Android TV will be based on Android 14

Google has announced several new features for the Android 14-based software. TVs running this system will be more energy-efficient and effective and offer a range of new functions. One notable feature is the Picture-in-Picture mode, which allows you to display two contents simultaneously. For instance, you can watch a series while keeping a less engaging game in a smaller window. If the game gets interesting, you can switch to full screen with a single move.

The Picture-in-Picture mode also enables multitasking, allowing you to work with multiple applications at once, display the weather forecast, or use the Spotify player. There are numerous possibilities. Another interesting solution is the ability to display a smaller window with controls linked to your smart home system.

New energy-saving option

After the update, the performance of the Android TV operating system and the entire TV will improve, resulting in faster device startup and quicker launch times for individual applications. Users of devices with limited memory capacity, which previously operated slower, will particularly notice the difference.

Google has also introduced a Low-Energy mode, which reduces energy consumption. Even when using the energy-saving mode, your device will remain visible in the Google Home system and ready to operate. Other modes allow for even better energy and resource management. In the Optimized Energy Mode, you can disable many functions while retaining the ability to use Google Cast or Google Assistant.

Android TV will utilize AI

The next set of enhancements concerns accessibility functions. Features such as color correction and various text options for visually impaired individuals are now available. Navigating the menu and launching individual functions will also be easier for people with motor impairments.

Improved accessibility in the new Android TV also includes changes related to artificial intelligence. Google's Gemini AI will enable your TV to create descriptions of movies, series, or TV programs. Additionally, the content will be available in your native language, courtesy of Gemini AI, while maintaining the "original" description if one exists.

The new software also allows for saving about 20% of disk space by delivering applications in a new format.

Google reports that the Android TV operating system is already available on over 200 million devices.

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