EntertainmentNew beauty trend sparks backlash: Women react to facial hair spray

New beauty trend sparks backlash: Women react to facial hair spray

Is the beauty industry creating complexes? Internet users outraged
Is the beauty industry creating complexes? Internet users outraged
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12:16 PM EDT, May 26, 2024

A toxic trend has surfaced on the internet. Many female internet users have decided to try a new product to accentuate facial hair. Women are horrified by their appearance. The subtle hair on their cheeks and foreheads has become a source of insecurity for them. Many social media users are criticizing the spray.

Delicate hairs on women's faces are normal. They are usually very thin, light-colored, and barely visible. These hairs play a vital role in protecting the skin. This delicate hair covers the entire human body except the lips, hands, and feet. Caring for facial skin with delicate hair does not require unique treatments. Regular cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection are critical elements of a healthy routine.

Is the beauty industry creating complexes?

The internet has been abuzz with talk about a toxic trend. Many cosmetic companies have added a spray to highlight the fine hair on women's faces. The white product settles on the hair, making it more visible. The product is intended to help with precise facial shaving.

Many influencers have decided to test the product. Unfortunately, it has caused insecurities for many women. Social media has a significant impact on young audiences. Presenting delicate hair as something undesirable can lead to unpleasant consequences. The fine hair on the human body is meant to protect the skin. Removing it can contribute to, among other things, dermatological problems.

Are internet users criticizing the spray?

Many internet users do not support the new trend. On the X platform, they have written:

"Women felt too good, not on their watch,"
"Can't see the hair and there's nothing to shave? We'll make it visible,"
"Remember that someone next to you can't even see those hairs. We are beautiful; let's not fuel another cycle of insecurities,"
"This is abnormal. You can't even see those hairs on women. Some people shouldn't have access to the internet, especially to beauty industry novelties."

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