NewsNetherlands joins US, UK in Yemen conflict: A strategic move by Rutte for NATO leadership?

Netherlands joins US, UK in Yemen conflict: A strategic move by Rutte for NATO leadership?

 Netherlands' Prime Minister Mark Rutte
Netherlands' Prime Minister Mark Rutte
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4:58 AM EST, January 13, 2024

Joe Biden, in his statement on Thursday evening, confirmed that only the Netherlands, among EU member-states, had resolved to join this military operation against the Houthi

Rutte's Ambitions

At a press conference on Friday, Prime Minister Rutte justified this controversial decision, saying it was "a matter of principle."

Sources within "De Telegraaf" newspaper imply that Rutte's ambitions might have been an influential factor in the Netherlands deciding to participate in this military intervention.

However, the country's economic considerations may also have held sway. The Netherlands possesses substantial interests in the Red Sea region, even more so than Germany or France.

One insider quoted in the newspaper argued, "It is crucial for us that the shipping route in this region remains open."

Therefore, as "De Telegraaf" intimates, the decision to support the campaign could also stem from the desire to safeguard these interests.

Notably, the newspaper also alludes to Rutte's aspiration towards the office of NATO Secretary General.

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