EntertainmentNetflix's 'Manifest' takes off for one final season amid fan outrage

Netflix's 'Manifest' takes off for one final season amid fan outrage

The TV show "Manifest" ("Turbulence") was to be canceled. Netflix saved it. But not for long.
The TV show "Manifest" ("Turbulence") was to be canceled. Netflix saved it. But not for long.
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7:04 PM EDT, May 13, 2024

Netflix has gained a notorious reputation among series aficionados for canceling beloved long-running shows, sometimes after multiple seasons and occasionally just after one. Conversely, it has also played the role of a savior for series on the brink of extinction by other networks. Which productions are we discussing here?

Netflix and other streaming platforms have accustomed viewers to the uncertainty of seeing their favorite characters return in the next series installment. At times, a highly appreciated series faces cancellation. In other instances, Netflix steps in to rescue shows from certain doom. A prime example is the fan-favorite "Lucifer," which was slated for cancellation after its third season. Thanks to Netflix, it was extended to six seasons.

The series that recently made waves, "Manifest," first premiered in 2018 and initially ran for three seasons. The drama began its journey in 2018 but was axed after its third season, only to experience a resurgence on Netflix.

"Manifest" was first aired by NBC six years ago, delivering three seasons of adventures involving passengers on a mysteriously disappearing plane. By July 2021, it was officially announced that the series would not continue. However, just a month later, Netflix acquired the rights to "Manifest," igniting hope among its fanbase for a sequel.

Indeed, in 2022, the first part of the fourth season of "Manifest"made its debut on Netflix. It was quickly revealed that within just the first three days of release, the new season had accumulated over 57 million viewing hours.

However, the ride came to an end when the second part of the fourth season was released. Despite the show’s popularity and excellent online ratings, it was confirmed to be the final season, much to the dismay of its fans. At that point, "Manifest" held an impressive 88 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which has since dropped to 72 percent.

So, what is "Manifest" about? It narrates the eerie journey of 828 flight passengers who, upon landing, discover their few-hour flight has mysteriously lasted five years. As the world moved on without them, their families and friends mourned their loss and started to rebuild their lives.

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