EntertainmentNetflix pulls plug on Halle Berry's 'Mothership': Reasons behind the unexpected cancellation

Netflix pulls plug on Halle Berry's 'Mothership': Reasons behind the unexpected cancellation

Halle Berry in the movie "Mothership" by Matt Charman.
Halle Berry in the movie "Mothership" by Matt Charman.
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8:52 AM EST, January 25, 2024

"Mothership", a thrilling adventure-science fiction movie, tells the gripping story of a woman, Sara (Halle Berry), who discovers a strange object beneath their house following her husband's mysterious disappearance from their family farm a year before. Unearthing this unearthly object triggers Sara and her children's quest to find their missing father and husband.

Unfortunately, subscribers won't get a chance to watch this emotionally charged adventure, as the production was halted midway.

"Mothership" cancellation: why did the Halle Berry film get scrapped?

According to reports from entertainment news source "Variety" and others, shooting for the film had already concluded. Unexpectedly, it was revealed that the production required additional footage, but Netflix decided not to agree to this. Instead of absorbing additional expenses, the streaming platform completely abandoned the project, putting several dozen crew members' work on the line. American film critic Jeff Sneider provided this information.

There was another hurdle in the completion of the film. Over two years since the end of filming, the child actors involved in the project had noticeably grown, which would have inevitably complicated any attempts to shoot believable additional scenes.

Halle Berry was joined in the cast by a stellar lineup of actors, including Molly Parker ("House of Cards", "Pieces of a Woman"), Omari Hardwick ("Mother"), Sydney Lemmon ("Fear"), John Ortiz ("American Hustle"), Paul Guilfoyle ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation", "Don't Look Up"), Jaiden J. Smith, Colin O'Brien ("Wonka"), among others. Matt Charman, known for his Oscar-nominated screenplay for Steven Spielberg's "Bridge of Spies," was both director and scriptwriter for "Mothership."

Despite this setback, audiences can expect another result of Halle Berry's collaboration with Netflix. Production is underway for "The Union" by Julian Farino, also starring Mark Wahlberg and J.K. Simmons. Its premiere date remains unknown.

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