EntertainmentNetflix hits Oscar jackpot with 18 nominations, trailing behind Disney's 20

Netflix hits Oscar jackpot with 18 nominations, trailing behind Disney's 20

Bradley Cooper in the movie "Maestro"
Bradley Cooper in the movie "Maestro"
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1:21 PM EST, January 23, 2024

As anticipated, the frontrunner from Netflix for the Oscars is "Maestro." This Bradley Cooper-directed feature, wherein he also stars, has garnered nominations in no fewer than seven categories, and is pitted in the race for the best film of the year.

"Maestro" will be pitted against "Time of the Bloody Moon" – an Apple TV signature. This latest outing by Martin Scorsese has received an impressive ten nominations. However, a slight letdown for Apple could be the scant three nominations for the "technical" Oscars for "Napoleon" (set design, visual effects, costumes).

With eighteen nominations, Netflix and Apple—holding thirteen nominations—lag behind Disney, which has its productions nominated a whopping twenty times. Nonetheless, these nominations are dispersed among various subsidiaries of this corporate giant (20th Century Studios, Disney+, Hulu, Lucasfilm Ltd., Marvel Studios, National Geographic Documentary Films, Pixar Animation Studios, Searchlight). This list includes "Poor Creatures" (11 nominations), "Creator" (2 nominations), the latest "Indiana Jones", or the third part of "Guardians of the Galaxy", all of whom have a shot at an Oscar.

The most favored contenders in the overall tally are "Oppenheimer" (13 nominations), and "Barbie" (8 nominations). The full list of titles and categories can be found here. The 96th Awards Ceremony of the American Academy of Art and Film Knowledge is scheduled for the night of March 10 to March 11 Eastern Time, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

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