NewsNetanyahu's strong response to Macron's appeal for a ceasefire

Netanyahu's strong response to Macron's appeal for a ceasefire

President Macron is visiting Israel.
President Macron is visiting Israel.
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1:41 PM EST, November 11, 2023

French President Emmanuel Macron urged Israel to stop causing fatalities among children and women in Gaza during an interview with the BBC. The Israeli Prime Minister did not take long to respond, stating that Israel is making every effort to avoid harming civilians.

During a singular interview at the Elysee Palace, Macron argued that attacks are unjustifiable, and a ceasefire would benefit Israel.

"While we acknowledge Israel's right to self-defense, we encourage it to cease bombings in Gaza," said Macron. Nevertheless, he pointed out that France "decisively condemns" the terrorist activities of Hamas.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu argued that Hamas was responsible for the civilian casualties in response to Macron's plea for Israel to halt bombings.

Netanyahu stated, "While Israel is doing everything it can to avoid harming civilians and is urging them to leave combat zones, Hamas and ISIS are actively obstructing their evacuation to safer areas and exploiting them as human shields." This statement, issued by his office, equated the group ruling Gaza with the jihadist organization, Islamic State.

Netanyahu claimed that Hamas "inhumanely holds our hostages – women, children, and the elderly – within the scope of crimes against humanity" and "utilizes schools, mosques, and hospitals as terror command centers".

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