NewsNetanyahu dismantles war cabinet amid internal division

Netanyahu dismantles war cabinet amid internal division

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to dissolve the war cabinet.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to dissolve the war cabinet.
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8:06 AM EDT, June 17, 2024

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to abolish the council appointed to oversee Israel's retaliatory operations in the Gaza Strip. The war cabinet was formed on October 11, following the massacre committed on October 7, 2023, by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas in Israel. The decision to dissolve it was made on Sunday evening.

Israeli media reported the dissolution of the war cabinet on Monday, although some had anticipated a move from the Prime Minister for about a week.

One reason for its dissolution was what happened on June 10. Former Defense Minister Benny Gantz, one of six department heads who made up this body, announced that he was leaving the cabinet.

Gantz also called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to set a date for early parliamentary elections and urged Defense Minister Yoav Galant to leave the government.

Along with Gantz, former Chief of General Staff General Gadi Eizenkot, who served as an observer in the dissolved cabinet, also left. He was troubled by the lack of a clear strategy for continuing the war in the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu dissolved the war cabinet

This resignation was announced to the Prime Minister as early as May. At that time, Gantz demanded that Netanyahu commit to implementing his vision for ending the conflict in Gaza. This concept had to specify who would manage the territory after the war with Hamas ended.

Gantz announced that he supports the ceasefire proposal with Hamas put forward by U.S. President Joe Biden in exchange for the release of hostages and stated that he expects the Prime Minister to have "sufficient courage" to implement this plan.

The decision to dissolve the cabinet was influenced by Gantz's resignation and the positions of two far-right ministers. Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir and Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich called for their inclusion in the cabinet. This could have deepened Israel's conflict with its allies.

Reuters explains that Netanyahu is now to consult with a small group of ministers regarding the war in the Gaza Strip. This council includes Defense Minister Yoav Galant and Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer, also a former war cabinet member.

Source: PAP

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