NewsNetanyahu announces Israeli troops have entered Gaza

Netanyahu announces Israeli troops have entered Gaza

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
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11:15 AM EDT, November 3, 2023

"We are at the peak of the battle. We have made significant progress and reached the outskirts of Gaza City. We are pushing forward," conveyed Benjamin Netanyahu in a statement issued by his office. He didn't provide any additional details.

In Thursday's press briefing, Netanyahu clarified that the Israeli government had not decided to supply fuel to the Gaza Strip, despite being involved in humanitarian aid.

"There's no decision made about supplying fuel. I haven't issued any such order and the war cabinet has not approved such a decision," stated the Israeli Prime Minister.

The northern part of the Gaza Strip is currently isolated by Israeli forces. Israel is contemplating lifting the siege of the city, in exchange for the release of over 200 hostages and the withdrawal of Hamas forces across the border.

The Palestinian Hamas issued a statement on Telegram earlier the same day, confirming they had launched 12 rockets from Lebanese territory towards Israel. The targeted city, according to Hamas, was Kiryat Shmona.

At least one rocket hit its target, reported the Times of Israel. The missile struck an area with shops, leading to two casualties.

For their safety, residents of Kiryat Shemona were evacuated owing to its proximity to the Lebanese border.

Actions of the Hezbollah Movement

Hezbollah, a Lebanon-based terrorist group backed by Iran, announced on Thursday that it had attacked Israel using drones. Identified as the target was the contested Sheba Farms area with drones carrying "large amounts of explosive materials" supposedly aiming for an Israeli military post.

Israel retaliated with a bombardment, targeting "various border regions", as reported by the Lebanese news agency.

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