NewsNepal's Foreign Affairs Minister claims Russia recruited 200 Nepalese for the Ukraine war

Nepal's Foreign Affairs Minister claims Russia recruited 200 Nepalese for the Ukraine war

Nepal demands Moscow "return" its soldiers.
Nepal demands Moscow "return" its soldiers.

12:02 PM EST, January 26, 2024

Russia is continuously exploring new methods of recruiting individuals for its so-called 'special military operation' in Ukraine. The Kremlin is attempting to find fresh recruits wherever viable.

Immediately after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the 'second army in the world' emerged directly from Russian prisons. Putin pardoned all conscripted convicts. The aggressor's army also includes citizens from countries other than Russia.

Nepal's Foreign Affairs Minister, Prakash Saud, asserts that at least 200 of his countrymen have been drafted into the Russian army. The head of the Nepalese Foreign Affairs Ministry is urging the Kremlin to release all Nepalis fighting on the Ukrainian front immediately.

According to a Nexta agency report, Narayan Prakash Saud, Nepal's Foreign Affairs Minister, called on Russia to discharge his compatriots from duty in an interview given to the AP agency.

He requested an immediate halt to recruitment, the recall of those already serving, repatriation of the deceased, and medical assistance for the injured. Nepal is also demanding financial compensation for the families of fallen mercenaries. As per his information, five Nepali citizens fighting for Russia are currently captured in Ukraine.

In October 2023, journalists from the New York Times reported on a practice of enticing Nepalese citizens into the Russian army. A salary of around 75,000 rubles ($442 approx.) per month was promised to enlist several hundred recruits successfully.

According to American reporters, drafts of non-Russian nationals into the Russian army are a widespread practice. Citizens from India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo were also sent to the Ukraine war.

Russia has decided not to comment on the whole issue. However, Putin has safeguarded himself against possible repercussions. In May 2023, he signed a decree for a fast-track route to Russian citizenship - only requiring a 12-month service in the local army. He can now refer to this decree and argue that those who release Nepal's Foreign Affairs Minister ask to hold Russian passports.

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