LifestyleNavigate your midnight bathroom visits and return to sleep swiftly with this simple trick

Navigate your midnight bathroom visits and return to sleep swiftly with this simple trick

It's worth remembering this when going to the toilet at night.
It's worth remembering this when going to the toilet at night.
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3:58 AM EST, January 19, 2024

Presumably, everyone has had to face a nocturnal trip to the toilet at least once. While this is routine for some, others might wake up multiple times. That's when it might be advisable to consult with a doctor.

At times, overconsumption of beverages like tea or water can trigger the bladder, leading to disturbances in sleep. Hence, it's crucial to ensure that after the nocturnal trip, sleep resumes as smoothly and swiftly as possible.

Avoid this for smoother night-time bathroom visits

The urgency of bladder pressure and needing to urinate disrupts sleep. The process itself - waking up, walking to the bathroom, and being touched by cooler air, isn't conducive to the return of slumber. Another factor that exacerbates sleep interruption is to be avoided as well.

Indeed, we're speaking of bright light, which inhibits melatonin production, the "sleep hormone". As melatonin levels drop, falling back asleep becomes increasingly difficult. Thus, it's advisable to use a gentle night lamp for the midnight toilet trips as it deters complete wakefulness and aids in faster sleep resumption after the bathroom visit.

Tips for a quick transition to sleep

Avoid using electronic devices such as phones or computers before bedtime for quicker sleep. Substituting these with a book for evening entertainment is a better alternative. Additionally, ventilate the room before sleep and aim to keep it dark.

Avoiding alcoholic beverages, which not only act as a diuretic but also considerably hamper sleep quality, is a good idea. If a nocturnal bathroom visit disrupts sleep, instead of focusing on the remaining sleep hours, relaxing and concentrating on calm breathing is beneficial after returning to bed.

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