LifestyleNatural slug repellents: Keep your garden safe with rue and aquilegia

Natural slug repellents: Keep your garden safe with rue and aquilegia

Which plants repel slugs?
Which plants repel slugs?
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11:31 AM EDT, June 15, 2024

Fighting slugs can be frustrating. Fortunately, there is a natural and effective solution to discourage them from entering our garden. Just plant a species they particularly dislike.

Every gardener knows this problem: slugs destroying carefully tended plants. These mollusks will voraciously eat everything they encounter, from young stems to fruits or lettuce leaves. Their diet mainly consists of shoots, plant stems, and small insects, making gardens an ideal environment for them. Consequently, they are reluctant to leave.

Plant rue in the garden

Plant this herb, and the slugs will avoid your plot in a wide arc. This way, you will protect your garden from pests and enrich it with a beautiful and valuable plant.

Ruta graveolens, or garden rue, is a perennial herb native to the Mediterranean region. Herbalists love its musky scent, but it effectively repels many pests, including slugs. The intense aroma deters slugs, making them avoid the area.

You can recognize it by its yellow-green flowers, which bloom from June until the end of July and sometimes display a blue coating on their tops.

Growing garden rue is simple and does not require any specialized gardening knowledge. It grows best in full sun but also tolerates light shade.

Rue is an undemanding plant. It doesn't need frequent watering or fertilizing. However, remember to protect it in winter by covering it with straw or dry peat to prevent it from freezing.

Plants that slugs dislike

Another plant that effectively repels slugs is Aquilegia vulgaris. This plant contains substances that pests do not like.

Common rue will repel snails
Common rue will repel snails© Adobe Stock

However, remember that Aquilegias are poisonous. Their consumption can cause diarrhea, fainting, or intoxication, so use caution when planting and cultivating them.

Aquilegia vulgaris, like garden rue, is not a demanding plant. It is best to plant it in semi-shaded or sunny locations. It also does not need regular watering, only during extended dry periods. It is frost-resistant and does not require additional winter covering.

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