NewsNATO warns Netherlands to prepare for conflict: Surge in rescue kits sales follows

NATO warns Netherlands to prepare for conflict: Surge in rescue kits sales follows

Rob Bauer's warning.
Rob Bauer's warning.
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10:24 AM EST, January 22, 2024

"We are now in the process of making our plans executable. This means making sure we have the force commitments, command and control arrangements, and the enablement our plans require," Admiral Rob Bauer informed reporters on Thursday, following a meeting of NATO defense chiefs in Brussels.

His call also included a recommendation for individuals to stock up on essential items such as water, flashlights, and a battery-operated radio. As a result, as reported by the Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf," stores that offer rescue kits in the Netherlands have reported significant depletion of their supplies.

Surge in demand for rescue kits:

The Admiral's comments quickly triggered a response amongst Dutch citizens, causing a surge in demand for rescue kits. These kits include essential items such as water filters. "De Telegraaf" noted that vendors of rescue kits are finding it difficult to meet the drastically increased demand. "I reached out to a wholesaler in China to order more supplies," one vendor quoted by the newspaper stated.

Luuk van de Ruit, a shop owner in Utrecht, confirmed to "De Telegraaf" that he sold hundreds of survival kits just over the past weekend alone. "Individual items such as battery-operated radios and solar batteries with a built-in flashlight are also selling out rapidly," he added. Clearly, Admiral Bauer's words have prompted citizens to actively prepare for a possible crisis.

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