NewsNATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: Keeping aid for Ukraine is the best way to honor memory of Alexei Navalny

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: Keeping aid for Ukraine is the best way to honor memory of Alexei Navalny

NATO Secretary General on "revenge" for Navalny
NATO Secretary General on "revenge" for Navalny
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1:22 PM EST, February 21, 2024

During an interview with a Radio Liberty journalist, Stoltenberg underscored the pressing need to back Ukraine. This support is aimed at discouraging Russia from further actions against Ukraine, and bolstering Ukraine's move to reclaim more territory.

The NATO Secretary General also declared his notable intention to honor Alexei Navalny's memory. His statement is shared on Twitter by Anton Heraszczenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"The best way to honor Navalny is to ensure that Russia does not conquer Ukraine," said Stoltenberg.

Stoltenberg persistently highlights how the conflict incited by Russia in Europe influences geopolitics globally. The Norwegian Secretary General lobbies relentlessly to augment support for Ukraine from Europe and the United States.

His recent remarks followed the same directive. The NATO Secretary General mentioned Sweden's recent announcement to pledge over $600 million in aid for Ukraine. This development could elicit pressure on the United States.

"Good news indeed, as a few days ago Sweden announced aid valued at $600 million. This includes combat boats, anti-aircraft defense launchers, and ample ammunition," Stoltenberg stated in his interview with Radio Liberty.

Keep in mind that in the USA, the situation regarding aid to Ukraine is at a stalemate. President Biden is urging Congress to pass a new aid package—an issue Kyiv has eagerly anticipated. The resolution now hinges on the congress members, with some Republicans being opposed.

Hence, Stoltenberg invokes Alexei Navalny's memory, who was tragically killed a few days ago. His intention is to spotlight the severity of Kremlin's politics, and the extent of undemocratic measures Putin may wield for his reign. The NATO Secretary General hopes this will incite the American Congress to act and present a definitive response.

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