NewsNATO jets intercept Russian aircraft over Baltic Sea, maintaining vigilance

NATO jets intercept Russian aircraft over Baltic Sea, maintaining vigilance

Italian fighters scrambled from the base in Malbork
Italian fighters scrambled from the base in Malbork
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5:02 PM EDT, March 30, 2024
Within just 24 hours, NATO scrambled Italian fighters stationed in Malbork twice. The Italian News Agency (AGI) reported that Russian Il-20 aircraft were intercepted by the allied air forces over the Baltic Sea.
AGI conveyed the news of the Russian Il-20 aircraft's attempt to enter NATO airspace. The alert was triggered by NATO's Air Operations Control and Command Center, located in the German town of Uedem. Italian Eurofighter (F-2000) jets were quickly deployed from the base in Malbork on the morning hours of March 28 and 29.
The Italian aircraft successfully identified and then intercepted Russian spy planes flying over the international waters of the Baltic Sea. According to information from Business Insider Poland, the Russian aircraft "had no hostile intentions."
The Italian Air Force issued a statement highlighting the capability of their aircraft to guarantee the interception of any suspicious radar track within minutes, around the clock, every day of the year.
The Italian aircraft, part of the TFA, contribute to the NATO Enhanced Air Policing mission. This contingent is led by the Joint Force Operations Command and includes pilots, technical, and logistical personnel.
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**Polish Services Ready to Act**
On Friday morning, the Polish Operational Command shared a statement regarding the activity of Polish and allied aircraft in Polish airspace. This comes amid increased activity of Russian long-range aviation and further missile attacks on Ukraine.
The statement from the Polish military highlighted another night of heightened alertness for Polish and allied systems, with Polish Army soldiers vigilantly monitoring the situation in Ukraine and remaining on high alert to secure Polish airspace.
After a decrease in Russian long-range aviation activity, Polish and allied forces conducting operations in Polish airspace have resumed "standard operational activity."
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