NewsNATO coalition to supply Ukraine with a million drones, set to establish defense center in Poland

NATO coalition to supply Ukraine with a million drones, set to establish defense center in Poland

Ukrainian soldiers
Ukrainian soldiers
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3:14 AM EST, February 16, 2024

"A coalition of allies has banded together to supply Ukraine with a million drones," stated NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg during a press conference on Thursday following a meeting of defense ministers in Brussels. "Twenty NATO allies have also agreed to form a coalition for demining. These initiatives will significantly contribute to safeguarding Ukrainian lives," added the Secretary General.

Stoltenberg recounted how, recently, allies, including Canada, Finland, and Norway, have announced new aid packages "incorporating key resources such as F-16 equipment and spare parts, and air defenses."

Emphasizing that "NATO members provide 99% of all military aid for Ukraine," he also revealed that the United States has given Ukraine support amounting to approximately 75 billion dollars. In contrast, aid given by NATO allies and partners totals over 100 billion dollars.

Creation of NATO-Ukraine Center in Poland

Stoltenberg also announced on Thursday that defense ministers have greenlit the establishment of a new joint NATO-Ukraine training and education center in Poland.

Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz, Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, clarified that this NATO-Ukraine education, analysis, and training center would be located in Bydgoszcz.

"This is the inaugural initiative between NATO and Ukraine, yielding tangible outcomes," underscored Kosiniak-Kamysz. He stated that the center would facilitate the accumulation of "war experiences from Ukraine" and the provision of support for the embattled nation.

Source: Anadolu Agency, PAP

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