Tips&TricksNASA employee reveals how to defrost your car in seconds on TikTok. Avoid winter morning delays

NASA employee reveals how to defrost your car in seconds on TikTok. Avoid winter morning delays

A simple way to defrost a car window.
A simple way to defrost a car window.
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7:57 AM EST, January 7, 2024

Eden Tyres works at NASA daily but devotes her leisure time to her @eden_tyres_and_servicing TikTok channel. She uses her platform to explain various automotive issues and to share helpful car care tips. In one of her videos, she disclosed a quick and efficient trick to defrost your windshield, making your car ready to drive in just a few moments.

How to defrost car windshields?

In her video, Eden explains a four-step process for caring for your car's windshields. The first and obvious piece of advice is to start the car's engine and turn the heating and fan on full blast. This is a conventional procedure most drivers carry out when they notice their car’s windows are frosty.

The next tip is to activate the air conditioning, which will absorb much of the moisture inside the car. Following that, you should engage in the recirculation mode, as this can eliminate additional moisture within the vehicle. The final step is to open all the windows slightly. They should not be fully open, just a little, allowing the cold air to dry the interior further. While these instructions may sound extensive, completing all these steps will take less than a minute and will effectively help combat windshield frost.

What not to do while defrosting windshields?

A common approach to removing frost from car windows is mechanically scraping it off. While using a dedicated tool is acceptable, rubbing a random object against the glass can lead to a natural disaster. If you end up scratching the windows, the only solution is to replace them, which is quite costly and time-consuming, as you would be left without a vehicle for a few days.

Others believe the best way to remove frost and ice is by applying heat. A quick online search will reveal several videos showcasing the results of such experiments. Pouring hot water on the windows or using a hairdryer can cause a thermal shock to the glass. Instead of defrosting the windows, these methods may potentially lead to them cracking. This scenario would require a replacement of the windows.

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