Tips&TricksNail the quick-dry secret: Cold water treatment fast tracks traditional nail polish

Nail the quick-dry secret: Cold water treatment fast tracks traditional nail polish

The woman paints her nails.
The woman paints her nails.
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10:31 AM EST, January 12, 2024

Our hands are often considered our calling card, indicating the importance of proper grooming and maintenance. There's nothing like a pristine manicure to boost confidence. Many women are turning away from hybrid polishes in favor of the traditional ones, viewing them as a faster and less expensive option. The only drawback of this approach is the lengthy waiting time for the polish to dry. Thankfully, there's a straightforward way to speed up this process without remaining immobile.

What's the best way to dry nail polish quickly?

Typically, we apply two coats of nail polish to attain the optimum effect on our nails with minimal effort. Once they're painted, we need to stay still for several minutes to avoid creating blotches and bumps on the polish, which could only be rectified with nail polish remover.

If our nail polish gets ruined due to our neglect, our only recourse is to start from scratch. Nobody wants to paint their nails, then sit and wait without doing anything else. A simple glass of water could solve this issue, and you don't need to drink it to calm your nerves. Cold water with a few ice cubes can drastically improve the drying time of your nails. All you need to do is submerge your freshly painted nails in it. Nail polish dries quicker due to the cold than it would if you blew on it or waved your hands around.

Which nail polishes should you keep in your cosmetic bag?

Every woman knows that red is an elegant and reliable choice that is timeless. On the market, you can find both lighter and bolder shades of red, giving you plenty of options. It's also worth having a nail polish in a milky, beige or natural nude shade, which is appropriate for any event.

A natural color will subtly enhance the nail plate, making it the perfect choice for a classy look. This year, the French manicure has returned and is now available in many color and style variations. More and more women are opting for this double French or sculpted French style, which provides the freedom to get creative. Among the popular trends, shades of green and peach are becoming increasingly prevalent, appealing to a wide variety of tastes.

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