NewsMystery unveiled: Russians stunned by simplicity and power of "Baba Yaga" drone

Mystery unveiled: Russians stunned by simplicity and power of "Baba Yaga" drone

The Russians intercepted the "Baba Yaga" drone and they are impressed.
The Russians intercepted the "Baba Yaga" drone and they are impressed.
Images source: © Telegram
11:03 AM EST, December 1, 2023

The legendary Ukrainian drone, "Baba Yaga", which has been causing alarm amongst the Russians in the battlefield, has finally been seized by the opposition. Having thoroughly analysed the structure of the machine, known to cause significant damage to soldiers and fortified areas, the Russians are astounded. As for the Ukrainians, they continue to develop new versions of this unmanned craft, promising that there are more surprises to come.

Stories about the "Baba Yaga" drone have been around among the Russians since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. The drone was rumoured to seize wounded soldiers, launching attacks under the cover of darkness, and causing unimaginable destruction. Soldiers in allegiance with Vladimir Putin feared this legend, which was operating on the frontlines.

Over time, it was clear that the reality differed somewhat from the legend; however, the drone was indeed exceedingly efficient. "Baba Yaga" was eventually captured by the opposing side. They disassembled it and performed a detailed analysis of its structure. The conclusion? The Russians were impressed by the simplicity of its design and its powerful battlefield presence.

The analysis was undertaken and subsequently published on Telegram, revealing one of the secrets of the war. The small company CDET is behind the design and creation of the robot.

Among Putin's army, numerous tales of "Baba Yaga" and its impact on Russian soldiers, when they cross paths, are known. Initially, the drone was assumed to be so large and efficient that it was thought to transport the wounded from the battlefield to an unknown destination. While this isn't true, the Ukrainians gladly stoke the burgeoning mythology surrounding the machine.

On the other hand, "Baba Yaga" is a sophisticated machine, produced entirely in Ukrainian factories. The Russians were surprised by the simplicity and power of the drone's design, differentiating it from typical drones available for purchase online, which are used by both conflict parties. "Baba Yaga" can carry heavy loads and target large objects.

The drone is designed with six rotors and can carry large explosive loads, although it is also used for other purposes. The array of variations and applications left the Russians taken aback, as was the fact that parts for the drone cannot be bought online - they are all manufactured in Ukrainian factories.

What else did the Russians find surprising? The drone uses simple solutions and can be modified endlessly. Despite this, it remains an advanced and highly effective weapon. Its simplicity and adaptability are among its greatest strengths, along with its potential for further enhancements and surprises on the battlefield.

It's most likely that the occupiers will find it hard to replicate the drone and manufacture it in their own factories. The Ukrainians started with a simple home industry and now have a large factory that fulfills orders for the government and Ukrainian Armed Forces. "Produce it ourselves? That won't work for us," the Russians have claimed.

Ukrainian engineers and specialists from the country's Armed Forces assure that there are more surprises for the aggressor on the horizon. Drones named "Shark", produced by Ukrspec Systems, have already made their appearance on the battlefield. Not only does this unmanned craft look formidable, it's also highly effective in combat. And let's not forget, "Baba Yaga" is still out there, threatening Putin's soldiers.

This drone doesn't just look terrifying - it also appears out of the blue and brings destruction. Much like the Baba Yaga from Slavic folklore. It's the biggest and most lethal drone in the Ukrainian army, able to carry six anti-tank grenades. The effects of its deployment are evident on the battlefield.

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