EntertainmentMystery surrounds the fate of Matthew Perry's $120 million fortune

Mystery surrounds the fate of Matthew Perry's $120 million fortune

Matthew Perry died at the age of 54.
Matthew Perry died at the age of 54.
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2:03 PM EDT, July 2, 2024

The star of the series "Friends" died in October last year. Although his poor health prevented him from taking on many film roles, he amassed a substantial fortune. What will happen to this money?

At the end of October last year, the media was shaken by the news of Matthew Perry's death, the actor who played Chandler on the popular sitcom "Friends." Less than two months later, the official cause of the actor's death was released. It was caused by ketamine, a psychoactive substance that Perry mentioned in his autobiography, saying that it is given for pain and depression and should be called "Matty."

The excessive amounts of this substance found in Perry's system prompted his former partner to demand an investigation. In the second half of December, Kayti Edwards stated in an interview with the American "The Sun" that the actor must have obtained the substance illegally because he had already received his planned dose earlier. However, the investigation into Matthew Perry was officially closed, and the Los Angeles Police Department declared his death "accidental." The district medical examiner-coroner also ceased taking action on this matter.

Matthew Perry's fortune

Now "The Sun" reports that the actor's fortune has been appraised to execute the will. The amount in question is 1.5 million dollars. This money will feed a fund that the star established years ago, which currently holds 120 million.

Perry designated four beneficiaries of these funds: his parents, half-sister, and ex-girlfriend Rachel Dunn. Who is this mysterious woman? She dated the sitcom star between 2003 and 2004 when she was only 19 (Perry was 34 then). Matthew Perry wrote his will regarding the estate five years later.

In addition to the amounts mentioned by "The Sun," there are also real estate properties. For example, the one where he was found is worth 6 million, although its sad history may increase its price.

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